1. Jan 29,  · The unclassifiable cult artist and musician has stayed under the radar for almost 50 years. record of new music in seven years and only his second this century, but it .
  2. Nobody's favourite record collecting field, but mine. In this list you will only find albums, which were released at the time, when the original albums, of which the tracks were taken from, saw the light of day, that is records in the true meaning of the word SAMPLER, not the compilations of the later years. Mostly European, especially German releases, mainly based on my personal .
  3. New Women's Music Sampler is a sampler album of alternative rock songs by artists on the San Francisco, California based lesbian-feminist independent record label, Mr. Lady Records. It was released in October A second sampler was released in , entitled Calling All Kings & Queens. Track listing. The Moves: "Heavenly Creatures" – Genre: Alternative rock.
  4. A Sampler is an electronic instrument that uses samples or recordings to generate new sounds. These samples are either loaded onto or recorded into the device, to be then played back or sequenced by onboard pads or keys. Samplers are mostly popular with electronic musicians, but they can also be used in traditional band situations to add diversity.

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